Agronomist; MSc in Soil Science & Plant Nutrition at ESAL, Brazil (1990); PhD in Crop & Soil Science / Environmental Toxicology (dual major) at MSU/IET, USA (1997).

Academic Achievements Sabbatical leave at UCRiverside, USA (2002) and at INRA d'Orléans, France (July 2006 - January 2008). Technical Assistant at the Brazilian Fertilizer Industry Association ANDA (São Paulo Brazil, 1989 - 1991).

Professor at the Soil Science Department, Federal University of Lavras, Brazil since 1991. Scientific consultant of several sponsor agencies, scientific journals and public/private companies.

Member of the Brazilian Society of Soil Science, Soil Science Society of America, International Union of Soil Science, and International Society for Selenium Research.

Experience in the field of Soil Science, with emphasis in Soil Chemistry, acting mainly in the following subjects: soil fertility, soil pollution, environmental risk assessments, reaction of trace elements and plant nutrients in soils, food security, agronomic biofortification.

Luiz Guilherme’s present research focus on soil and food security, with especial emphasis to food quality/safety aspects concerning trace elements in agroecosystems.

As the coordinator of a National Research Network called “AgroMetals”, Dr. Guilherme has been working closely with farmers, fertilizer companies as well as The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and many public and private research companies and extension services since 2008 in order to help developing safe guidelines/legislations for acceptable levels of trace metals of potential concern (As, Cd, Pb), as well as important human health nutrients (Zn, Se, I) in Brazilian fertilizers, crops, and agroecosystems.