Gunter Pauli

Belgian industrialist. Prof. Gunter Pauli was born in Antwerp, Belgium. In 1979 he graduated as “Licencié en Sciences Economiques” from Loyola's University (today University of Antwerp) in Belgium and obtained his masters in business administration from INSEAD in 1982 at Fontainebleau, France. Since 2013 Chairman of the Board of Novamont (Italy), a biopolymer company. Since 2009 Supporting Blue Economy projects, realizing nearly 200 initiatives, mobilizing $4 billion in local financing, generating 3 million jobs. Since 1994 Leads, inspires and inspired by ZERI network of scientists and entrepreneurs.

Prof. Gunter Pauli is a Member of the Club of Rome, he advocates for the diffusion of truly sustainable solutions with a social dimension, especially through books, conferences and youth education.

He was the founder and Chairman of PPA Holding and of more than 10 other companies, founder and CEO of the European Service Industries Forum (ESIF),  Secretary General of the European Business Press Federation (UPEFE), founder and president of the Foundation “Mozarteum Belgicum“, Chairman and President of Ecover, and advisor to the Rector of the United Nations University in Tokyo (Japan).

His entrepreneurial activities span business, culture, science, politics and the environment. Under his leadership, Ecover pioneered an ecological factory in 1992. He founded the "Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives" (ZERI) at the United Nations University in Tokyo, and subsequently established The Global ZERI Network as a foundation, redesigning production and consumption into clusters of industries inspired by natural systems. 

One of his initiatives include the design of a solution for the plastic soup floating in the oceans and the creation of a protective zone with islands to avert rising sea levels. He is actively involved to ensure that the largest herd of rhinos (2,400 in Kaziranga National Park in India) will be free of poachers thanks to an intensive economic and community development program in coordination with organic tea plantations.

Gunter has published 20 books (written 16 - edited 4). His  book published in April 2015 "The Blue Economy 2.0: 200 projects implemented, $4 billion invested and 3 million jobs created".