Professor, Director, IMT Mines Albi, RAPSODEE Centre, CNRS UMR-5302, France.

Prof Ange NZIHOU (M) is Director of the Research Centre for Particulate Solids, Energy and Environment (RAPSODEE – CNRS) at the IMT Mines Albi (France). He is a Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering and Editor-in-Chief of a peer reviewed journal Waste and Biomass Valorization (Springer Nature). He is editing a Handbook on characterization of biomass, biowaste and related by-products (Springer Nature) to be published in December 2019. He is Visiting Professor in Top Universities in the USA, Europe, China, India and Malaysia. He has developed outstanding expertise in research on Energy and added value materials from Biomass and Waste; Recovery of Phosphate and macronutrients from waste, functionalization phosphate based composites / hybrid materials for energy, agriculture and depollution. He obtained some International and National significant scientific recognitions and awards among which the Grand Prix 2018 of the Academy of Sciences of France for his outstanding contribution in science and technology of energy transition. He was also promoted Knight of the National Order of Merit (France) in 2017 on the besthood of the President of France.