World leader in the phosphate market, OCP is the largest exporter of phosphate and phosphoric acid in the world and one of the major exporters of phosphate fertilizers. The Group holds large reserves of phosphates in Morocco, the largest in the world according to USGS. Thanks to its industrial and commercial presence across the five continents, OCP plays a central role in the areas where its mining and processing activities are located. The Group employs nearly 20,000 people and generated sales of US $ 5.5 billion in 2017.

OCP offers one of the broadest ranges of phosphate grades for various uses. With nearly a century of industrial development history and strong positions in the global phosphate market, this duality allows the group to have unique positioning and unparalleled flexibility to meet the growing demand for food

OCP Group works worldwide for sustainable and eco-responsible agriculture. It provides farmers with phosphate fertilizers and helps them to put in place reasoned fertilization to protect their soils. As major player in global agriculture, OCP also plays a leading role in the process of improving agricultural productivity in Africa.

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